Varsity Schedule

Varsity schedule for the 2022 – 2023 boys basketball season.

2022 – 2023 Season –  0 Wins – 0 Loss

11-26North KitsapUHS1:00 PM
12-2Lake City, IDLCHS8:00 PM
12-3Lewis and ClarkLCHS11:00 AM
12-6EvergreenEHS7:00 PM
12-10Mount SiMSHS6:30 PM
12-16Battle GroundBGHS7:00 PM
12-17TahomaTHS6:00 PM
12-20KentwoodUHS5:30 PM
12-27Torrey Pines, CATBDTBD
12-28Torrey Pines, CATBDTBD
12-29Torrey Pines, CATBDTBD
12-30Torrey Pines, CATBDTBD
1-3CamasCHS7:00 PM
1-6SkyviewUHS7:00 PM
1-12Mtn ViewUHS7:00 PM
1-16KelsoLCC3:00 PM
1-24PrairiePHS7:00 PM
1-27EvergreenUHS7:00 PM
1-31Battle GroundUHS7:00 PM
2-3CamasUHS5:30 PM
2-7SkyviewSHS7:00 PM
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