Mission Statement

The objective of the Union Boys’ Basketball program is to have an environment where coaches and players engage in life changing relationships. The basis for these relationships is built on trust. The coaching staff will teach the players the necessary basketball skills to improve on the court and the life skills to leave our program as “Men Built for Others.”

“Sports—(Basketball)—is nothing more than a context to help connect with boys and teach them, one, a clear and compelling definition of what it means to be a man. Second is to give them a code of conduct for manhood”

-Joe Ehrman

We believe…

–“Trust” is the key characteristic that will allow the boys’ basketball program to reach its potential both on and off the basketball court.

-The game of basketball does not define us (coaches/players), but challenges us.

-Sports is a tremendous avenue to shape character and build life skills.

-In a creating a competitive environment on a daily basis, whether (physical) on the court, (mental) through school work, scouting reports or the film room, and in (makeup) how we conduct ourselves in our interactions with others.

-The two key elements in all good leaders are service and sacrifice. Each player and coach will demonstrate these characteristics throughout the season.

-Coaches must demonstrate the life-skills that we will teach on a daily basis.

-Coaching each player with love, respect, encouragement, and accountability.

-Specific defined roles for every player…they may not like, but should respect.

-Not one player is a more valuable person than another.

-Rewarding improvement, and putting players in positions to succeed.

-Success isn’t measured by extrinsic rewards/accomplishments, but by maximizing our God given talents and the impact we make on others.

-Success varies for each athlete.

-Taking ownership for our actions and effort.

-Responsibility = No excuses— No explanations

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