Code of Conduct

Program Values “Athletes Code of Conduct”

-Each athlete will have a defined role within our program.

-Coaches will sweat the small stuff.

“You have to understand that the little things your coaches are asking of you really do matter”
-Tony Dungy

-No excuses—No explanations.

-Be on time to everything and don’t complain. Being late and complaining means the activity is
not important to you or you can’t be relied upon.

-Seniors are held to a higher standard. They will be expected to exemplify all aspects of our
program and lead the service of our program.

-Misconduct in school related to classroom and/or non-classroom discipline, such as teacher
referral, ISS or school suspension will result in team issued discipline.

-Hazing or any type of initiation activities are strictly prohibited and will result in both school and
program discipline.

-Our athletes shall refrain from partaking in drugs, alcohol, and illegal partying. Abuse of this
will result in suspension from the program.

-Social media outlets, such as Facebook and Twitter, should be used with discernment. Anything
you post can be used as a means of discipline as it relates to divulging information that is deemed
illegal, inappropriate, or detrimental to yourself and/or our program.

-Our athletes shall meet WIAA and Evergreen School District academic eligibility requirements
of a minimum 2.0 GPA and failing no more than one class.

-Each athlete shall have perfect attendance at school during the season. Tardies and unexcused
absences will result in extra conditioning and/or playing time consequences.

-Our athletes shall conduct themselves with class at school and in their homes. They shall be
respectful to the UHS staff, their friends, and family members.

-The young men in our program will treat all women in their lives with respect, honor, and

-Our athletes shall maintain a healthy diet during the basketball season. Eating three square
meals, which includes a high intake of carbohydrates, is recommended.

-Attendance to designated team times, study tables, and other team functions is mandatory.

-Team times and study tables should be taken very seriously. Misbehavior during these times is
not acceptable.

-Our athletes shall have healthy sleeping habits during the season. This would include getting a
minimum of eight hours of sleep each night.

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