ARTICLE I   (Name)

Section 1.01. Name

The name of the organization shall be “Union Boys Basketball Boosters.”


ARTICLE II  (Mission and Purpose)

Section 2.01. Mission

The Union High School Boys Basketball Booster Club is an entity separate from the boys’ basketball program and in no way a subsidiary ofUnionHigh School.  Its purpose exists solely for charitable purposes and will be in place to support the Boys Basketball program financially and through acts of service.   Financial support will be by way of dollars raised through various fundraising activities initiated and carried out by members of the Booster Club, Union HS basketball players, and the coaching staff of the Union High School Boys Basketball Team.  These funds will be distributed in ways to help support needs of the basketball program.  Acts of service will take place when there is a need to promote the boys basketball program to the local community and/or for program unity and enhancement.


Section 2.02. Purpose

This corporation is organized exclusively for charitable and educational purposes, including for such purposes, the making of distributions to organizations that qualify under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue code, or any corresponding section of any future federal tax code. No proceeds from the corporation will enrich any individual except that reasonable compensation may be paid for services to the corporation.



Section 3.01.  Members

Members of this organization include parents, coaches, and community volunteers.

New members may join at anytime throughout the existence of the club.  All members must be committed to attending monthly or bi-weekly meetings, and participating in all fundraising and program enhancing activities.  Failure to commit to these areas could result in removal from club by majority vote.


Section 3.02.  Member Exploitation

In no way will secondary agendas occur within the realm of this club.  Members shall not use the Booster Club as a platform to promote their student-athlete or negatively influence the direction of the basketball program.  Coaches, parents and other members of the club should collectively work together for the betterment of the basketball program.



ARTICLE IV (Officers)

Section 4.01.  Promotion of Officers

The appointment of individuals to official roles is as follows:

1.  Individual announces intention to secure an official position at the month of

February meeting

2.  Position must be open

3.  A majority vote of club members at the March meeting

Varsity Chair will remain in that position until student graduates or intention to step down is announced whichever comes first.   JV/’C’ Chair positions along with Treasurer and secretarial positions are open on a year to year basis.


The vote for these positions is conducting at the March meeting and done through a card distribution process.



Section 4.02. Officers and Duties

Varsity Chair

            1.  Will serve in the lead role of the club

2.  Facilitates delegation of committees for club events

3.  Directly relays all items to JV team parents including meeting notes and duties

for upcoming events

4.  Delegates committees amongst Varsity team parents for upcoming events

5.  Point person for Varsity team parent communication

6.  Helps facilitate club meetings

7.  Directly relays all items to Varsity team parents including meeting notes and

duties for upcoming events.

8.  Facilitates organization of all Varsity team only events

9.  Helps with maintaining financial bookkeeping


JV Chair

            1.  Point person for JV team parent communication

2.  Directly relays all items to JV team parents including meeting notes and duties

for upcoming events

3.  Delegates committees amongst JV team parents for upcoming events

4.  Facilitates organization of all JV team only events


‘C’ Chair

            1.  Point person for ‘C’ team parent communication

2.  Directly relays all items to ‘C’ team parents including meeting notes and duties

for upcoming events

3.  Delegates committees amongst ‘C’ team parents for upcoming events

4.  Facilitates organization of all ‘C’ team only events


Coaching Staff Chair

            1.  Point person for coaching staff and athletes

2.  Directly relays all items to coaching staff and athletes including meeting notes

and duties for upcoming events

3.  Delegates roles/committees amongst athletes and coaches for upcoming events

4.  Helps facilitate club meetings

5.  Helps with maintaining financial bookkeeping



            1.  Handles the ins and outs of financial activity and controls the checkbook

2.  Is the point person for issuing out checks

3.  Helps with maintaining financial bookkeeping

4.  Generates and briefly updates monthly reports of cash flow for fellow


5.  All transactions must be reported to Treasurer prior to taking place



            1.  Takes notes and minutes at each club meeting

2.  Is responsible for e-mailing notes from each club meeting to each team chair

3.  Creates flyers, brochures or any other promotional item for upcoming events


ARTICLE V (Voting)

Section 5.01. Voting

Voting will take place for delegation of funds, scheduling a team event/fundraiser, adding community members to the group, and/or removing a member.  The voting procedure is as follows:

1.  Three officers will constitute a quorum, which must be present for a vote to


2.  Decisions will be made by a majority vote of officers present

3.  If an officer takes on dual roles, ie JV Chair and Treasurer, he or she will only

be allowed to vote once

  1. Officers will be given a brief moment to make a case as needed
  2. Voting can take place without a meeting if a majority of the officers consent in writing and approve the specific action.



ARTICLE VI (Meetings)

Section 6.01. Meetings

Club meetings will take place once a month on a specified date.  More frequent meetings may occur if an event is being planned.  Officers and members shall attend these meetings.  Officers will meet one additional time each month for voting, planning, and bookkeeping.


During the basketball season, non-booster club member parents, and Union HS staff will be invited to attend a meeting where the head coach will address the group about the team.



Section 6.02.  Meeting Minutes

One copy of the previous meeting’s minutes will be e-mailed directly by the Secretary to each Chairperson.  The Chairs’ will in-turn forward those on to other members of their respective teams.  The Secretary will attach any relevant notes to each Chairperson.


Each meetings agenda will be completed by the Varsity Chair and the Coach Chair and e-mailed to the Secretary prior to that upcoming meeting.  The Secretary will distribute this to the members of the club.





Section 7.01. Budget

At the first meeting of the school year, an annual budget will be submitted and voted upon.


Section 7.02. Issuing Funds

Funds can and will be issued for the following purposes:

1.  To sponsor a player for camp

2.  Purchase equipment for players and/or coaches

3.  Purchase apparel for players and/or coaches

4.  Support coaches to clinics and educational functions

5.  Help with hotel, gas, and food costs for coaches on road trips

6.  Help players with food costs on road trips

7.  End of season banquet

8.  Program/team dinners

9.  Team functions

10. Compensating volunteer coaches

Additional use of money must go through the voting procedures outlined in ArticleIV


Section 7.03. Dues

The Booster Club will collect an annual $50 operations fee from parent/guardians of the athletes participating in the Union High School Boys’ Basketball program.  This fee can be waived where financial constraints are prominent.


Section 7.04. Reimbursement

Actual expenses of officers and/or club members in active and faithful discharge of duty shall be paid back to those members out of the Club’s funds.  Receipts must be given to the treasurer in order for the reimbursement to take place.


ARTICLE VIII (Amendments)

Section 8.01. Amendments of By-Laws

1.  By-Laws of this constitution can be added, removed, or changed by a majority vote of officers.  All officers must be present at this meeting for vote to occur.


2.  Written copies of all proposed By-Laws must be presented at one meeting before a vote can be taken on the proposal



Date of original adoption:

May 25, 2007



Signature by Officers:



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