Union Titan Boys Basketball

Welcome to the official website of the Union Boys Basketball Teams!

Here are the rosters based on grade for 2021 season –

12th Grade – 

Ariya Briscoe, Cole Rebman, Jack Tanner-Johnson, Kaden Lewis

11th Grade – 

Bryson Metz, Canon Shaddy, Doug McClary, Evan Eschels, Jamison Limbrick, Kindrick Aragon, Port Hill, Tobias Merriweather

10th Grade

Edgar Borbon-Luna, Ethan Carter, Josiah Baldasarre, Kaelem Strode, Samair Thompson

9th Grade – 

Andre Atuaia, Brayden Smith, Evan Lehman, Grayson Stanley, Jacob Lee, Matthew Williams, Mitch Ratigan, Nolan Frazier, Owen Liss, Paxton Heitsch, Taylor Lepak, Tucker Dunseth, Tyler Butner

Extended Tryouts –

Evan Manville, Izaiah Vongnath, Jake Bowen, Kaden Horn, Tyson Fuhrer

Mission Statement
The objective of the Union Boys’ Basketball program is to have an environment where coaches and players engage in life-changing relationships. The basis for these relationships is built on trust. The coaching staff will teach the players the necessary basketball skills to improve on the court and in life.

“Sports—(Basketball)—is nothing more than a context to help connect with boys and teach them, one, a clear and compelling definition of what it means to be a man. Second is to give them a code of conduct for manhood”

-Joe Ehrman